Cobrapex Pipe - Enter Energy & Water
Cobrapex Pipe - Enter Energy & Water
Cobrapex Pipe - Enter Energy & Water

Cobrapex Pipe

Enter Energy & Water
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Cobra PEX Floor Coil Pipe with Oxygen Barrier

Tiemme COBRAPEX pipe with EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) oxygen barrier is made of high-density polyethylene that is cross-linked by a chemical method [silane cross-linking] a procedure which produces a pipe with superior physical characteristics.

  • Available in 16mm rolls of length 120m, 300m & 600m
  • Available in 18mm rolls of length 120m, 200m


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This Crosslinked PolyEthylene (or PEX)-  has most importantly an oxygen barrier for closed systems- flexible enough to bend easily and strong enough to be approved by all major plumbing and heating codes.

There are many ways this pipe can be installed the above photograph shows the pipe sitting in an insulated base under a screed and engineered timber flooring. In most case the structural slab is insulated and the coil is placed in the slab.

With this method, you will lay out your loops of tubing, and then pour the slab. When hot water circulates through your PEX, the entire slab will heat up and radiate its heat into the room. The slab becomes a large thermal mass and will stay warm for a long time, meaning that your room will stay warm for a long time with little energy usage. This is also the most cost effective method. When installing in a slab, it is especially important to pressure test. If there is a leak, you want to know before you pour the concrete!