Solar Power System Overview



With "STC's" rebates from the Office of Renewable Energies (ORER) , home owners now can offset their energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions considerably. In addition to our TRADE DISCOUNT OFFER most Victorians will also qualify for an extra rebate up to $2225.00, this means pay back on your investment to be 3-4 years approx.

We can calculate the amount of power you will make and your savings based on the panels we use , angle on the roof , how many degrees north they are facing and more and generate a document for you to view which will also tell you your payback on your investment.

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GRID CONNECT POWER SYSTEMS (For homes that are or will have access to mains power ).

Grid Connect Power is the latest development in reliable, convenient, all-in-one solar power systems for homes that already have a grid-connection. Carefully designed to meet your energy requirements, the enter Grid Connect Power range of systems will have the perfect answer for your unique situation. The systems we sell are compadible with the new storage and battery back up technology that is about to be offered to Australian home owners. More than 50% of the systems sold on the Australian market today are not suitable for the addition of storage technology.

GRID CONNECT POWER & STORAGE SYSTEMS (For homes that have access to mains power)

Depending on consumer requirements, the energy produced by the PV array is consumed directly, stored in the battery, or fed into the public grid. If neither the PV plant nor the battery are able to supply sufficient energy, mains power is used.
The system can also operate independently in the event of a power failure.

STAND ALONE SYSTEMS ( For homes that have no access to mains power)

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We can upgrade your existing Solar Grid connect system with a power storage facility.