Your Own Custom Hydronic Heating System.

Why you should choose hydronic heating ? what are the benefits ?

Find out here in our overview

Send through your building plans and a description of what type of hydronic heating you would like and we will do an initial assessment free of charge!

 Upload plans HERE with some contact info OR Email plans Here :

How we provide you with a superior quality hydronic heating system.

We put your buildings details through a program room by room to tell us how many kW are required to heat that room whether you wanna use Heat pumps , a gas boiler or a wood fired boiler & whether you want radiators , underfloor heating , trench-heating , thermal skirt heating or a combination of some / all of the above!

Once we have finished this process knowing what size radiator or amount of floor coil etc is needed for your project we will contact you to tailor the design of the system to your liking! Such as Radiator panel locations , colours , if you would prefer radiators or heated towel warmers in bathrooms.

We will then provide you with a heat load specification document as well as hydronic heating layout proposal.

The process above can be complex & Take time so we may charge a fee for the design and sizing of your heating system. Each building is different and we like to make sure we make no mistakes in this process as we take everything into account when calculating your heating requirements such as Room dimensions , Window sizes and glazing, external walls , ceiling heights , energy star ratings & Referred heat.

After this process is done we will provide you with free quotes & any changes in design will not have a fee.