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Studded Insulation - Enter Energy & Water

Studded Insulation

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The Studded insulating panel is made of foam polystyrene coupled with hard black foil in polystyrene (comply s with EN 13163 standard).

This panel provides relief for pipe positioning (step 50mm) and it is supplied with male/female fittings for strong connection.

The hard foil gives it better resistance to wear and tear.

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This excellent Italian insulation panel is Ideal for conventional concrete and self leveling screeds this will save around 40%-50% on energy costs compared to not insulating the screed from the structural slab and because of its low profile will allow builders to use the cheaper concrete screed instead of the dearer self leveling screed as the base is only 10mm thick. Each sheet is 800mm wide x 1400mm long . One panel covers 1.12 m2, to calculate the number of panels required add 5% (to allow for cutting and wastage) to the area required then divide the adjusted total area by 1.12, eg floor area 100m2 (100 + 5% =105m2 divided by 1.12 = 94 sheets) 

What are the advantages?

The reasons behind the success of radiant systems are many:
1. Even heat distribution, Low management temperatures
2. Bigger & Quicker to install than any other panel on the Australian market & much cheaper.
3. High comfort levels and perfect humidity values
4. Heat transfer by radiation and not convection therefore without hot air movement and with slightly any dust circulation
5. No aesthetic impact
6. Constant temperature up to 2 meters from the floor.

Considering the same room temperature, with a radiant system it is possible to obtain up to 50% energy saving compared to a traditional system. The reasons behind this considerable saving are mainly due to:

• The extensive radiant surface
• The low fluid temperature
• Less thermal exchange between the panel and the cold parts

The result is guaranteed even in rooms with high ceilings (sheds, supermarkets, churches, etc.) as radiant systems, as opposed to traditional systems, maintain desired room temperature only at eye level.